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Veritas Updates: Editing Progress

We are now deep into post-production. The editing of the film is going very well! We are pleased with how the footage turned out. We have strong performances, moments of levity mixed with the weightiness of the subject, and a compelling story that will really engage audiences. We intend for this film to have a wide audience release in order to raise as much awareness about this issue as possible. 

Still photo from local volunteer fire fighters putting out our set.

Currently in editing the film we are nearing a rough cut of the movie. It is uncertain how many drafts of the film will be cut before a final version is locked. We are hoping to have a final narrative cut by the end of this month. We are planning to do most of our post-production at Warner Bros and are hiring Academy Award winning sound mixers and colorist to make the very best film possible. We already have a lot of our plans laid out for that final finish of the movie.

To ensure that this film competes among Hollywood studio films, we are spending proper time and money in post-production. Our WeFunder campaign to raise additional finishing funds has been going well, and we would appreciate if you could share this site with friends and family to secure those resources: https://wefunder.com/heroinfilm

We are proud to be one of the first scripted narrative feature films about the current opioid epidemic in America. I believe in the power of story to positively influence culture. It is my hope and prayer that this movie will shed light on this dark subject and potentially give a voice to the many victims and survivors of this terrible epidemic.