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Veritas Press: We Are Back!

Hello to all of our supporters!

We are incredibly excited to announce that weekly Friday blogs are back up and running. Starting today, blogs will be posted every Friday afternoon. Hopefully, in the coming months there will be lots of good news and positive ideas we can share with you. As cinema begins to move back into theaters and film festivals go back to their more inspiring live formats, Veritas Arts will be promoting films and projects that represent truth and connection. So join us weekly for news on Veritas Arts films, outside projects, and upcoming events.

Good News! Veritas Arts is extremely enthused to announce that “Shooting Heroin”(2020) has now been released on DVD and Blu-Ray. We know it took a while, but you can now experience the award winning film in your home by ordering it on Amazon right below.

Shooting Heroin Amazon Blu-Ray/DVD Purchase

Veritas Arts and the Guthrie Theater in Grove City, Pennsylvania are looking forward to a variety of events coming up in the next few months. Plans for the Grove City College Lux Mea Film Festival on April 30th and May 1st are in the works, as well as Friday night movie screenings during the month of March and April are highlighted in the linked local press releases below.

Guthrie to host range of artistic ventures | News | sharonherald.com

'Beauty and mystery' | Local News | alliednews.com

You may have noticed, there has been an uptick in posting on all of our social media accounts during the weekdays. Hopefully the images, quotes, and inspirational words are connecting with you! My name is Joshua Glass and as Veritas Arts’ new intern I am excited to introduce myself as part of the team. Lately, I have been promoting “Generational Sins” (2017), “Shooting Heroin” (2020), and overall positivity. I hope you guys have been enjoying the work!


Joshua Glass