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Veritas Press: #VeritasFest Updates!

Veritas Arts is excited to be planning our second annual film festival! Our Year 2 Dates are April 24 - 30, 2020. Our official sponsor of this year's event is Grove City College. The headquarters for the weeklong festival will be our very own Guthrie Theatre in Grove City, PA. Each day we will have a different celebrity speaker with various artists, workshops, and more. It will be an unforgettable week with beautiful weather and a community ready to support and welcome guests from all over the world. Please submit your film and order your tickets at www.VeritasFest.com

The history of our Film Festival started at the historic Rowland Theatre in Philpsburg PA last November 2018. It was also held at the Clearfield Ritz Theater for additional screens. When we became the new owner of our first theater The Guthrie it made sense to move our event to our new home in Western Pennsylvania from Central PA. We are glad to see that our original location is still being utilized for a brand new film festival called Centre Film Festival at the Rowland Theatre. Another film festival has also begun the same weekend as our first year festival at the Clearfield Ritz called the Geocaching Film Festival. We are glad to see the Central Pennsylvania, an area we still have close ties to are continuing the tradition of showcasing local and renowned artists at these local theaters.

Even though we wholeheartedly support the efforts of Centre Fest and Geocaching Fest we are not in any way affiliated with these events and the organizers. Veritas and our team have been asked a lot in the press and by community members if this festival is one of our events or if we are a organizer, being that the two new festivals take place in the same venues and on the same dates. We wish these festivals the best in their inaugural year and we also look forward to seeing old and new friends at our 2nd Annual event at our Guthrie Theatre in the Spring.

Thank you everyone who made our first year possible and our working with us today to make Year Two an even bigger success!


Spencer T Folmar, President

+ Veritas Team


Also for more updates on our theatrical tour of "Shooting Heroin" tonight we are in Philadelphia, Friday on November 8 we are in Altoona, and Sunday we are at the Roxy in Lock Haven. Hope to see you on the tour and request your local independent theater to show the movie at www.HeroinFilm.com/Tour