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Veritas Press: Theatrical Tour Kicks Off, Red Carpets, NEW SCREEN!

Veritas Team is working around the clock to promote our many screenings and two red carpet events. The first red carpet event is coming this week to the Rowland Theatre on October 17th at 7pm (red carpet begins at 6pm) with an after party announced.

We have a new screen and important premiere at the newly refurbished Cranford Theater in New Jersey on November 14 at 7pm (25 North Avenue West, Cranford, New Jersey, 07016). Star Garry Pastore will be attending as well as members of the community working to combat the opioid epidemic. Keep checking back for more details as the theater continues to be restored and celebrity guests announced.

We are pleased to announce that we have a lot of our cast attending the Red Carpet at the Rowland Theatre! Our lead actor Alan Powell is attending as well as Daniella Mason, Jordan Fitzsimmons, Dax Spanogle, and KC Kantz! See them all on the red carpet and after party at the Philipsburg Elks Country Club (limited ticketed event starting at 9:30 PM).

Spencer Folmar will also be speaking this Sunday at Alpine Chapel (www.alpinechapel.org) outside of Chicago, IL. There will be a screening of "Shooting Heroin" at the Catlow Theatre at 2pm on October 13th. Hope to see you there!