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Veritas Press: Red Carpet Premieres, New Screens, Tour Continues!

First off, we want to thank everyone who came out to our first Red Carpet event at the Historic Rowland Theatre last Thursday on October 17th. We had nearly 1000 people come out that night and the line wrapped around the block. Our lead Alan Powell was in attendance as well as Jordan Fitzsimmons, Daniella Mason, Dax Spanogle, KC Kantz, and Pat Romano JR. We had honored guest speak before the event and the movie was well received. It was a night that we will not forget!

We are excited for our next red carpet event happening this Friday at October 25th at the Guthrie Theatre in Grove City, PA at 7pm. Actors Nicholas Turturro, Garry Pastore and Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs will be in attendance and a Question & Answer period will commence after the movie with the audience. There is an after party after the event that will be held at Nonni's but it is a limited ticketed event.

We are also doing a promotion with all College Students and senior citizens for a Buy one Get one free promotion. We are eager to connect with the whole community for this important movie and bring exposure to the topic.

We have another screening this weekend at the Ritz in Clearfield PA at 2pm on Sunday October 27th. The tour continues and we appreciate everyone's support! Thank you.

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