• Lisa Pritchard

Veritas Press: Preparing for Veritas Film Fest, Year 2

Veritas Film Festival is an annual celebration of films with truth and heart. Over the course of seven days, we showcase the best of the hundreds of films and script submissions from all over the world, including South Korea, France, and the United Kingdom. The festival begins with a gala on Thursday evening, April 23, and continues until April 30 with daily showings of films from all over the world. For our film making enthusiasts, we do have a March 1st deadline, so there is plenty of time to make your submission here.

We are delighted to have the Thomas Gibson Studio design the visual art for this year’s festival! The designing duo Thomas and Sher Gibson have been practicing design and photography for more than 20 years and have recently located to Grove City to open their Thomas Gibson Studio, combining photography and graphic design in its creation of everything from fine art to commercial and business ventures. We are thrilled and excited by their stunning design, inspired from “the lost art of the 1800’s Collodion Wet-plate process, a pre-curser to film.” Their inspired design is a wonderful example of creative collaboration!

Our festival partnerships allow us to work with so many creative individuals. Grove City College interns have been a tremendous resource, as seen in our new festival website VeritasFest.com developed by student Samantha Funderlich. Check the site often for updates, information and Festival Pass purchases.

Veritas Fest is a celebration of Truth + Art. We’ll see you at the festival!


Spencer T Folmar

President & Director Veritas Arts INC

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