• Lisa Pritchard

Veritas Press: Partnering with Hard Faith for Transformational Storytelling

God exists and life is hard. And honest storytelling is a place that we invite you into to. Our Veritas Arts partner, Hard Faith™, is a media production company established for the purpose of bringing compelling stories about the human condition to a film going audience in a way that artistically and speaks truth to this present generation in a fresh and powerful way. As people of faith in the arts, we want to share bold, authentic stories with grit that realistically deal with the existence of God and the harsh realities of life.

We invite you to occupy the space in between Christian-first audiences and mainstream secular art making. Tell your R-rated stories, struggle with faith and find comfort in the company of those who came before us who wrestled with God. Come make art with us in this space of Hard Faith™. Submit your books, music and films to be considered for the Hard Faith™ trademark and distribution. Hard Faith™ is a trusted name amongst a growing audience that wants gritty redemptive cinema.

This is the decade of hard movies with real heart. We’ll see you at the movies!


Spencer T Folmar

President & Director Veritas Arts INC

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"Telling Stories That Liberate"

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