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Veritas Press: New Partnership, and More!

Veritas Arts is incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with Grove City College! Both the college, and the Guthrie have been a huge part of the heritage of Grove City, and this collaboration is going to bring many new and exciting opportunities to the area.

Together, the Guthrie Theatre and Grove City College plan on being able to better serve their town, and make the upcoming Veritas Film Festival a success. We will be collaborating on live events, opportunities for students, the film festival and much more!

The Veritas Film Festival will run from April 24th through the 30th and will be held at the Guthrie Theatre! Submissions are still open, and you can learn more at the link provided below!

(Veritas Film Festival Link: https://www.veritasarts.org/festival )

We also are very excited to announce that "Shooting Heroin" is just days away from completion! Everything is starting to wrap up nicely, as we prepare to show this important film to audiences around the United States. A release date is soon to be announced as well, once the picture is locked!

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