• Lisa Pritchard

Veritas Press: Movie Wins More Awards

We are deeply grateful for the reception that “Shooting Heroin,” has received in the independent film festival world! Veritas Arts has received word that we have been accepted to the 20th annual Beverly Hills Film Festival! We recently got nominated for five awards at the Garden State Film Festival, the second largest film festival in the northeast. Additionally, “Shooting Heroin” received two awards from the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival as well as an Award of Excellence from IndieFEST Film Awards. Furthermore, we received three top awards at Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival: Best Director: Spencer T. Folmar, Best Supporting: Actor Garry Pastore, and Best Film: Shooting Heroin! To receive these accolades is such a validation of the hard work and talent of the entire Veritas team; it’s great to pause and enjoy all our achievements.

We are 35 days away from the limited national theatrical release. “Shooting Heroin” is coming April 3rd in theaters and on all major platforms cable and online! This release is important on so many levels for us: we are excited about the film itself, but we believe in the message of “Shooting Heroin” addressing our nation’s opioid crises, and the hope and tenacity of fighting back.

Veritas is all about exceptional storytelling and we’ve got so many more stories to share. We’ll see you at the movies!


Spencer T Folmar

President & Director Veritas Arts INC

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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