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Veritas Press: Last Theatre for Sale

It is hard to put into words what a devastating effect Covid-19 has had on our non-profit and theatre business. To say it has been a tough year would be a massive understatement. We know that the world has lost so much due to this virus, and Veritas Arts has not been excluded. It is a sad irony that our team was so excited and eagerly anticipating the new year and decade now that it has nearly destroyed our business - especially our theatrical business.

Veritas Academy of the Arts INC is a federally registered 501c3 educational non-profit. Our first massive venture in expansion happened in December of 2018 when Eric Thomas and his family donated the Guthrie Theatre to our company for renovation, restoration, and to keep showing new movies in the small town of Grove City, PA. Since becoming the new steward of the Queen of Broad Street (it's affectionate name given by the community) it has been transformed in every square inch of the 20,000+ square foot building. Our staff, volunteers, and hired hands worked diligently to reopen the theatre after it had closed due to a ceiling leak. Here is a brief summary of the renovations and improvisations that were made in the past year and a half since becoming the new owners:

  • Painted the entire building interior and exterior

  • New seats in the balcony and auditorium (50 recliners and 550 theatre seats)

  • Repaved the entire auditorium and slope with over 200 yards of concrete

  • Built a performing arts stage and added lights, sound and curtains

  • Had our first talent show with cash prizes with during Grove Fest 2019

  • Successfully held two community theatre shows

  • Held an Indie Film red carpet premiere, and hosted a Hollywood film shoot

  • Donated supplies, showtimes, and concessions to community events

  • Fundraised and installed Hearing and Sight impaired accessories

  • Restored the lobby and lights to traditional fixtures from 1927 style

  • Held library functions, Chamber of Commerce, and church services

We have (and our founder Spencer Folmar) invested close to half a million dollars in the improvement and preservation of this community icon. We still believe in theatres, small towns, the arts and the sharing and distribution of truth. Although we have been hobbled, we are committed to our future as long as we can still operate (before the Borough turns off our lights) to show new releases and maybe return community theatre if safe and possible due to Covid-19 state restrictions. We will remain open and operating as long as possible pending financial and safety restrictions.

At the beginning of this year we took our biggest risk of our company's short history and purchased two more theatres in the great State of Texas with private funding from our president Folmar, but the timing could not have been worse. Before renovations were complete at the Texas Arts Theatre in Hillsboro TX or we had operated even one new release at the Cliftex Theatre in Clifton, TX Covid was already ravaging the country and spreading fear amongst studios and audiences. We have not had a new release since February (6 months ago) and no business could have predicted this misfortunate we are all still experiencing.

We are so appreciative of our donors, the Thomas Family, Grove City College, the community and everyone who has supported us on this wild adventure. While this year has been a huge financial loss and permanently altered our plans and hindered our ability to continue to hire any staff or pay any debts, we will do everything in our power to finish well. The sale of this building is at a substantial loss to our non-profit, but we are hoping to pay some of our debts and find a new good steward who will keep the arts alive in the great city of Grove City Pennsylvania. We know we haven't been perfect, but we know that we have worked our hardest and given this theatre and Veritas Arts our all. Please be kind and considerate of others during these difficult days in our country and we pray God's blessing on you all.

We are thankful to announce that Warner Bros. has granted our request to show Christopher Nolan's delayed new release "Tenet" - details and other new offerings below:

Showing Tenet:

  • Early Access showtimes 8/31, 9/1, 9/2 9/3 with shows beginning at 7PM (local time). 9/4 at 3 PM tickets go on sale for the advanced showings Tonight at 7 PM!

  • Dinner and a Movie offering on Friday 9/3 more details to come.

Selling Link of Theatre for interested parties:


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