• Lisa Pritchard

Veritas Press: Celebrating Wins & Beginnings

We were recently honored to be selected to be part of the Hell’s Kitchen NYC Film Festival, which took place over the past weekend. It was our extreme honor to take home three top awards of the festival: Best Director: Spencer T. Folmar, Best Supporting: Actor Garry Pastore, and Best Film: Shooting Heroin! The team at Veritas Arts INC is elated and honored to be recognized for our efforts. Thank you to a marvelous cast and crew for helping us tell this critical story.

We started this weekend in Grove City with a successful soft opening for the Cinema Grille®, our 1920’s Hollywood themed restaurant. We are thrilled with the community support we’ve been getting! All new ventures have their ups and downs, but our new wait and kitchen staff are really stepping up. We’re perfecting our reduced menu for efficiency and it has received great reviews! Our daily specials have really been a hit; check back for them each day. We’re giving ourselves time to perfect everything for our Leap Day Grand Opening. Stay tuned!

2020 is giving us lots to celebrate! We’ll see you at the movies!


Spencer T. Folmar

President & Director Veritas Arts INC

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