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Veritas News: "Shooting Heroin" - Edit Version 2

It was an eventful week at Veritas! We are still celebrating our amazing grand opening of our first movie theater last weekend We are also excited to announce that post production for our upcoming movie "Shooting Heroin" is going very well and we just finished our 2nd edit draft!

This is the draft that we will be using to start selling the film to distributors, showing marketers, and using agencies to show test screenings to audiences unfamiliar with our project to see how this edit and storyline performs. From here in a couple of weeks we will work towards a final picture lock edit that we will then finalize and send over to our partners at some major studios for finishing post production.

To clarify, the movie will still not be in theaters and available to general audiences until late summer or early fall, but we are making tremendous headway. If you want to take part of the financial gains this film is sure to have, you can make an investment and be part of the Hollywood Industry for as little as $250 at our soon-to-close WeFunder campaign: www.WeFunder.com/HeroinFilm - thanks again and see you at the movies!

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