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Veritas News: New Movies & Finishing Editing & Future Plans

It has been a very full week for Veritas and our many adventures!

The Guthrie continues to be renewed and improved as we listen to our customers request for films and ways we can improve the Queen of Broad Street. This week we started showing Aladdin to many pleased families this weekend. We are planning the rest of our summer films and have a lot of great titles in store. We look forward to confirming these requests with the studios and keep the great films coming! We also look to our first live performing arts season for the inaugural season of 2019-2020. More details coming soon as we work with various booking agents to fill the schedule alongside new film releases.

"Shooting Heroin" (2019) post production continues forward. Editing is almost complete and we are nearing a picture lock within the next few weeks. We have many test audiences and industry veterans review the current cut - and everyone is more excited than ever to have our film come out this fall! Soon we will begin finishing post production, color correction, and scoring.

We are also thrilled to announce the first screenplay has recently been completed for our feature film on Dietrich Bonhoeffer! The current title is "Holy Traitor" and this is by far the biggest film we have ever developed. It is a WWII epic about a German pastor who was a part of the plots to assassinate Hitler.

We are also forming a team of producers to begin development and fundraising for our fast approaching feature film on the Book of Job "Man of Sorrow" - a lot more news will be coming out about this movie. It is a modern day adaptation set in the Bayou of Louisiana. Check out our site to learn more.

Thank you one and all who support all of our endeavors and encourage us in this crazy entertainment industry. We also want to thank our Veterans and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice this Memorial Day. Thank a Veteran for our freedom.

See you at the Movies!

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