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Veritas News: Guthrie Movies and Film Progress

The Guthrie is excited to open Disney's live action "The Lion King" this weekend (July 19-21)! To promote the opening of what is sure to be a historic film, we are partnering with the Grove City Area Pet Rescue (grovecityareapetrescue.com). During this promotion weekend, there will be rescue kittens at the theater, and the first 160 guests to donate to the shelter, will receive a free small popcorn, drink, and a chance to win four passes to Keystone Safari (keystonesafari.net). All of this is courtesy of McDonald's in Grove City!

Also, this past week, the Guthrie held a “Nostalgia Cinema” promotion where classic movies from several different eras were featured. It was a huge success and we will definitely be looking to run this promotion again!

Our teaser trailer that we released on July 4th for our upcoming film, "Shooting Heroin", has now exceeded 20,000 views! We have worked extremely hard on this project, and are incredibly thankful for all your support! Your continued, unwavering support of this film has made all the hard work worth it.

As the excitement surrounding "Shooting Heroin" builds, we continue to put the final touches on the film itself. The first draft of the score has been completed, and our composer Mike Newport has really done an outstanding job. Additional dialogue for the film was recently finished and we have also completed the second pass on color correction and editing.

Lastly, this week, a couple members of the Veritas team visited New York City to do some research on how we can improve our own theater and how we can expand operations. More news to follow on this and how we are pressing forward with phase two of renewing the Guthrie.