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The Show Will Go On... TODAY ONLY!

Hello Filmmakers and Audience Supporters!

We are excited to see our award winning filmmakers today at our live event at the Guthrie Theatre in Grove City, PA. We unfortunately will not be able to show or open our theatre tomorrow due to new Pennsylvania Governor restrictions closing all entertainment venues. We just got notice late last night, and we have been trying to come up with a game plan.

Here is our solution as we adapt to this ever changing year: the film festival will start and finish today! If your movie was already showing today it will still be played. If you were planning on attending tomorrow - please try to make it today and we will show your film. Every filmmaker will have the opportunity to introduce their art from the stage. The event will also have many moments live streamed if you cannot make it. We will accommodate everyone today if you were planning on coming tomorrow -- even if we keep showing movies until the midnight hours.

We are dedicated to sharing stories of truth and beauty - and celebrating artists like YOU who have done such great work. If you can make it today let us know ASAP (info@veritasarts.org or 213.550.5404) - let's have one last big cinema night before the next shutdown!

See you at the movies!


Veritas Film Festival