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Shooting Heroin Limited Theatrical National Release

“Shooting Heroin” the first narrative feature film on the current opioid epidemic in America is set to release nationally on Friday April 3. The movie is about a small town community that comes together to fight back against the spread of drugs by any means necessary; a story about a group of vigilantes townsfolk who takes justice into their own hands to fight for the heart of America and save the next generation of kids from overdosing and dying. The film features Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks), Alan Powell (Quantico), Garry Pastore (HBO’s The Deuce), Nicholas Turturro (SVU), Cathy Moriarty (Raging Bull), Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs (Cooley High), and more! The film is hot off the festival trail and won Best Film, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor (Pastore) at the Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival and in competition at multiple other prestigious festivals leading up to the national release. This movie is being distributed theatrically by Veritas Films, and online and cable by Stone Cutter Media.

This movie is directed and written by Hard Faith founder Spencer T Folmar (Generational Sins, faith based film with F bombs). Since Folmar’s last film premiered nationally he has pursued new ventures in distributing independent films including “Warning Shot” (Starring David Spade, Bruce Dern, James Earl Jones) and creating a partnership and his own Veritas Theatres chain in major cities. His first movie theatre was in Western Pennsylvania in the greater Pittsburgh region called the Guthrie Theatre (600 seats single screen historic theatre now featuring live entertainment and community theatre with a new Cinema Grille steakhouse in connection with the venue). He has also acquired two theatres in the Dallas Region, and looking at purchasing and building theatres in Orlando, Chicago, New York City, ans Los Angeles by the end of 2020. Folmar said he was frustrated by the lack of reputable and compelling options for independent filmmakers to have a proper theatrical distribution with a distribution partner. Folmar is building his own theatre chain to give transparency and integrity for indie filmmakers to enjoy their films on the big screen across the country.

Look out for “Shooting Heroin” coming April 3 in a limited theatrical release and on all major platforms cable and online! This important film hopes to shed light and give hope on our nation’s growing opioid crisis.

2020 is certainly going to be a Veritas year! We can't way to see what's next.


Spencer T. Folmar

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