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We are very thankful to the community and to everyone who came out our first three weeks of operation as the Renewed Guthrie Theatre for our showing of “Avengers Endgame.” We had a record number of audience members and the showings have continued with great attendance. We also heard many wonderful and supportive comments about our renovations and improvements to the theatre and overwhelmingly the community seems excited about the future of our theatre and our new operations.

There are many intricacies of running and booking studio and Hollywood movies at a single screen movie theater. The most difficult issue with booking is the time commitments for first run movies and how to show all the films that the community wants to see. We are excited to officially announce that we have booked the new live action “Aladdin” from Disney for three weeks starting on May 24 and running exclusively until June 13.

Whenever we have a gap week between new releases we would either like to offer a form of live entertainment (which will begin regularly in the fall with the start of our official first season), or show a couple of movies that have been in theaters a few weeks and do a double feature or a classic or independent film. This week we are running for one week Disney’s “Dumbo” and the independent film “Unplanned.”

The way we choose and curate what we play at the Guthrie is mostly determined by free market principles. If members of the community (and in the future on nearby college campuses) request a movie, we will do our best to accommodate requests, which is primarily how we chose the movies we are showing this week. We also want to offer an alternative daily movie with “Dumbo” for people who want different entertainment.

Art by its very nature is often telling a story or conveying a message. Sometimes cinema can be controversial or provocative as it has been since the dawn of the technology. We have heard a fair amount of concern from the community that the Guthrie is favoring a political or moral position by showing a movie that is taking a stance on certain issues. Regardless of what Veritas Arts INC, it’s board members coming from various backgrounds, or the staff of volunteers and employees that operate the Guthrie may believe or feel - this movie was chosen because above and beyond it was by far the most requested film since we began operations.

The Guthrie will be showing films in the future from many different political and religious points of views, especially during our upcoming Veritas Film Festival. We appreciate that some members of the community would prefer not to support a movie like “Unplanned,” but we also encourage those members to be considerate of differing beliefs especially on our social channels. We do not like to see anywhere, especially on our professional media pages, hateful comments directed towards any individual, and comments of that nature will not be permitted on those platforms. We welcome conversation and dissension in a respectful manner.

We look forward to continuing to serve the Western Pennsylvania area and audience members from all different walks of life and belief systems. It is our hope that we can learn from art, and sometimes the things we most disagree with we learn the most from.

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