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Hard Faith Updates: Picture Wrap on "Shooting Heroin" and the Veritas Film Festival

In the late hours of Saturday, Hard Faith Films, and our crew wrapped on our biggest project yet, "Shooting Heroin". Our cast and crew battled through some less than desirable conditions, and the chilly central Pennsylvania winds to shoot a film that we hope will have a great impact and reach those in need of its message. As we head in to post-production, we would like to thank each every person that helped make filming possible!

After filming commenced director Spencer Folmar headed to west coast to visit the American Film Market (AFM). While there, Folmar spent time promoting "Shooting Heroin" to potential distributors.

While it was great to be back on the west coast for a couple days, Folmar is back in Central Pennsylvania for the final preparation for the first annual Veritas Film Festival. From November 9th - 15th, the Festival will feature six different categories, and will feature the films at both the Rowland, and Ritz theaters! Go to veritasfest.com to purchase your tickets today; $10 a day, and $35 for the week! We hope to see you there!