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Hard Faith Updates: Three Weeks Until Principle Photography on "Shooting Heroin"

We are three weeks away from the start of principle photography on "Shooting Heroin"! Our line producer, Brandon Riley, is currently on the ground in central Pennsylvania working full time for official pre-production on the film! Each week, more staff and department heads are coming in, as we continue to get everything prepared for our start day of October 14th!

We had a great opening week for the release of Warning Shot! It was great to see the film get nationwide attention, as it is currently is sitting at a 89% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes!

The Veritas Film Festival is rapidly approaching as we head into October! We have had a few new corporate sponsors come on board, including State Farm! The festival will take be form November 9th to the 15th, be sure to come out and see some great film pieces!

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