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Hard Faith Updates: Big Second Half of the Year

As we head into the bitter heat that comes with the month of August, the excitement for the beginning of the second half of the year only grows. We have a lot in store, and will continue to update you as things can be announced!

We have two screenings of our film "Generational Sins" coming up this weekend. The first is at The Super 322 drive in theater in Clearfield, Pa this Thursday evening. This location is also where the drive in theater scene in the film was shot! The second screening is on Saturday at Oak Mountain Hideaway in beautiful Frenchville, Pa!!

This past week Spencer and the team attended meetings in and around Hollywood, Ca. A lot of progress has been made on building upon the Hard Faith brand and genre. Lots of news on this front to come!

Our Director and Producer, Spencer T. Folmar, heads out to Pennsylvania this week to begin ground preparation for our upcoming production, "Shooting Heroin". A lot of work still needs to be completed, however we are still confident that we will begin shooting in early September!

We have two rounds of offers ready to be sent out to talent this week, and on top of that we will be holding open auditions to discover local Pennsylvanian talent. The open auditions will be held at the Rowland Theater in Philipsburg, Pa on Saturday, August 11th!

A lot of exciting news is yet to come, and we are exciting to have you on board as we near principle photography of "Shooting Heroin".

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