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Hard Faith Updates: "Generational Sins" Screenings & Announcements

The summer continues to be abundant in advancements and surprises for several of Hard Faith's productions!

The screenplay for "Generational Sins" was recently asked to join the official library of the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences in Hollywood. "Generational Sins" will be welcomed among the thousands of preserved scripts and screenplays the library holds. The film will be showing at Super 322 on August 9, and a new screening has been announced at Oak Mountain Hideaway on August 11.

We are two months away from principle photography for our next movie, Hard Faith's current film in production. Location scouting is continuing throughout Pennsylvania for the variety of backgrounds and aesthetics needed to give the film its full power in showing the impact of heroin abuse in small town America. More information about the film has become public to the press, and we expect several articles to be distributed in the upcoming weeks.

This week has been one for the books as we continue to move production full steam ahead and grow the range of influence for "Generational Sins" and the rest of our Hard Faith productions.

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