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Hard Faith Updates: "Shooting Heroin" is full steam ahead!

This summer has been extremely busy and productive, and it continues to roll on by as we near the beginning of fall, and the beginning of the next chapter in Hard Faith Films. "Shooting Heroin" pre-production continues to move along smoothly. As our director and producer, Spencer Folmar, returns to Los Angeles, all but 2 locations for the film have been secured for filming,

Despite the fact that all but two locations have been secured, we are still aiming to begin filming for "Shooting Heroin" at the beginning of September. Spencer and the team also plan to meet with the star talent of the film in the next two weeks.

Hard Faith is also very excited to announce that we will be screening our film "Generational Sins" at the Super 322 Drive In in Clearfield. Coincidentally, this is also where the drive in theater date scene was filmed! The screening will be on August 9th, and we hope to see you there!

Big news on the Veritas Film Festival front, as we continue to accept submissions and gear up for what is sure to be a great time. The festival has been presented to the Clearfield Board of Tourism. We met with them, and discussed how we can make the festival a success for both parties!

Another great weeks has passed, and we cannot wait for the next as we continue to move closer to start of principle photography on "Shooting Heroin".

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