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Hard Faith Updates: BIG Week!

A lot of great updates this week as we continue to push towards principle photography of our upcoming film, "Shooting Heroin".

We are currently hard at work and on the ground in Central Pennsylvania working on scouting out locations to be used in "Shooting Heroin". A lot of progress has been made, and we currently have half of our desired locations secured. As we continue to work in the pre-production stage, we are narrowing our principle photography window down to the month of September!

Be sure to also keep an eye out for our proof of concept trailer for "Shooting Heroin". It will debut on Vimeo, and Facebook soon!

As we continue to work and get everything on order, we invite you to follow our Facebook pages and groups in order to stay up to date! Our pages are: @Shooting Heroin - Movie , and @Hard Faith Films

This past week our producer and director, Spencer T. Folmar was in Maine filming a short with a Native American tribe. The shoot went very well, and the tribe is very pleased with the outcome. The film is currently in post production!

"Generational Sins" is now up on ChristianCinema,com, and it was their pick of the week! Be sure to head over to their site and watch it!

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