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Hard Faith Updates: Shooting Heroin Film

Out next project, "Shooting Heroin", is currently full steam ahead as we begin production in less than 80 days! We recently hired casting director Jennifer Ricchiazzi, who has worked on prominent Hollywood productions such as "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "Wild Wild West", "Pineapple Express", and "The Illusionist".  We are honored and excited to have her on board for such an important aspect of production! 

Next week, the proof of concept trailer will be released for "Shooting Heroin". Be on the look out as we release the trailer on both Facebook and Vimeo! 

Last week we shared that "Generational Sins" (2017) was featured on South African television. This week we are excited to share similar news, as the film is now available on ChristianCinema.com, which is a movie streaming site for faith based films! While the film is available on Christian Cinema, it is also now available to be viewed in 15 countries outside the U.S! 

Our director, Spencer T. Folmar, is headed out to Maine this week! While there he will be working on an Native American short film. The film will be about encouraging the youth to make better and different choices other than drugs. After working in Maine, Spencer will head to central Pennsylvania to scout locations for "Shooting Heroin". 

More progress in the pre-production stage has been made on Shooting Heroin in the past week, than any other film we have worked on! This is extrmemely encouraging, and we can not wait to start filming!