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Hard Faith Updates: HUGE Announcement

This past week Hard Faith Films spent a little time reflecting on our past and roots. 10 years ago this week, director and producer, Spencer T. Folmar directed his first film "Fortified". Since then, he has directed many more films and shorts, including Hard Faith's most recent "Generational Sins" (2017). Here is to another 10 years of film making!

AT LONG LAST - here is our huge announcement (including Director's Statement):

Our film, "Beast In Me", has officially been put on hold until at least next year. Despite our excitement to bring this timely film into production, we decided it was best to put it on hold (for now) and go into immediate production on another film before.

And finally for the huge update. Hard Faith Films is proud to announce that our film, "Shooting Heroin" has been approved, and we will begin production and principle photography this Fall!

This is the big update that our social media team has been teasing for the past few days! We are super excited to begin production, and will continue to update as we near that starting date!

Also, our last film "Generational Sins" (2017) just premiered on SABC - 3. SABC - 3 a national South African channel. We are extremely excited that the film is reaching an international audience and gaining a great amount traction. We can not wait to see what this may lead to!

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