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Hard Faith Updates: Producers, Beast Progress, Veritas Fest trending

Another big week has gone by for Hard Faith Films! This past week we spent time hiring casting directors for our upcoming film "Beast In Me". We can not wait to start attaching talent to the film!

This past week the team had a lot of great meetings with veteran producers, both in Los Angeles, and in Montana. It was great to be able to speak with people who have been in the business for so long and to learn from their experiences!

The Veritas Film Festival submissions are coming in hot! As of right now we have nearly 30 submissions from 11 different countries. If you wish to submit a film, or just want to learn more about the Veritas Film Fest please visit: https://www.veritasfilms.com/

We are now regularly having pitches come in to Hard Faith Films about gritty redemptive stories for both the big screen and TV. This is super exciting and encouraging, as we continue to push the Hard Faith brand!

June is shaping up to be a huge month! There will be some travel, and a lot of work and progress looking to be made on "Beast In Me" to reach the goal of beginning principle photography in the Fall!

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