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Hard Faith Updates: Veritas Film Fest Submissions and new Publishing Brand

Another great week in May has come to a close at Hard Faith Films, and we have a lot of big things in the works!

Submissions are now open for the Veritas Film Festival! If you wish to submit a piece of work to be considered for the  Veritas Film Festival, or just want to learn more about Veritas, please visit: 


While Film will always be our main focus and passion, we have decided to open up the possibility of introducing more mediums to the Hard Faith genre. We are currently in the works of developing our own publishing brand for books in the Hard Faith genre. The first book we will be publishing is the "Hard Faith Manifesto" .

We are also currently working on developing and possibly adding more films to slate, and developing our very own TV show! Look for news news regarding this in the coming months! 

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