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Hard Faith Updates: Together: LA and "Beast In Me" updates!

May has been an exciting and busy month, and we are barely two weeks in! This week we more offers were made to begin attaching talent for “Beast In Me”. We should have talent attached to the film within the next couple of weeks, and will continue update as the process continues.

As we continue to reach out and search for talent, we also are continuing to pinpoint the budget for “Beast In Me”. We are continuing to secure funding, but we are still aiming to begin principle photography around September to October.

Withoutabox is currently reviewing details for the Veritas Film Fest submissions, and open submissions for the festival have been delayed. It will not be long until, however, until we start accepting submissions!

We have also started writing for Los Angeles based industry publications, including Together: LA, and ScenesMedia. Our first article was released today and you can read it here:


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