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Hard Faith Updates: Veritas Film Fest news

The month of May has arrived and it has started with off with a bang! We have had a many meetings around town as we continue to get ready for the start of production on “Beast In Me”. We hope to bring the best people on board, and make the best film possible!

Next week we will start accepting submissions for the Veritas Film Festival. The festival will run from November 9th – November 15th and will be held at the historic Rowland theatre in Phillipsburgh, PA. To learn more information be sure to visit: VeritasFest.Com

Spencer T. Folmar’s book, Hard Faith, is on it’s third draft and it is nearly complete. The team is ecited to see the book this shelves at Bookstore’s soon!

Everyone on the team is currently working hard as we gear up for principle photography of “Beast in me”. As we continue to look for the best personal to come on board the project, we hope to have some exciting news on potential casting in the next couple of weeks!

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