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Hard Faith Updates: Talent Offers and Principle Photography

This past week Hard Faith Films released the proof of concept trailer for our upcoming film “Beast In Me”. It was very well received and is almost to 2,000 views on Facebook and other platforms! If you have not seen the trailer you can find it on our Facebook page, or here is the YouTube link:


Our team also spent the past few days speaking with several new executive producers who are interested to join future projects. We hope to continue these talks and find the right personal to come on board!

This week we took an exciting step in find the lead talent for “Beast In Me”. The first round of talent offers were sent out, and we are just waiting to hear back from them.

As more and more pieces keep falling in to place for “Beast In Me” we get closer to the start of shooting. We are aiming to begin principle photography somewhere from September to October. This is right around when the heat of the desert starts to cool down in Las Vegas!