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Hard Faith Updates: "Beast In Me" trailer, and Veritas Film Festival coming soon!

Another fun and productive week has come to an end for Hard Faith Films! Tomorrow is a very exciting day, and big step forward for our upcoming film, “Beast In Me”. We are very excited to bring you the new proof of concept trailer. We hope this trailer can depict the tone and feel of the film to viewers, along with generate excitement for the upcoming release.

We also recently completed the first pass on the tentative schedule for “Beast In Me” along with the Budget. We are getting closer to the start of filming and production and we are so excited and ready to get going on our second film!

Hard Faith Films is also very enthusiastic to announce that the Veritas Film Festival will be held from November 9th through the 15th at the historic Rowland Theatre in Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania. The film festival will be a time to celebrate films that offer a lot of heart and truth! To learn more visit: VeritasFest.com

Internship Spotlight:

This week we put the spotlight on Intern, Tyler Harrington. Tyler is our social media manager and designer, and produces most of the content you see on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Tyler is currently a junior at Grove City College, which is also where director and producer, Spencer T. Folmar graduated from! Tyler is currently working towards a Bachelor degree in Communication Studies and participates on the lacrosse team. He currently lives in Youngstown, Ohio and enjoys hiking, and attending Minor and Major League baseball games in his free time.

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