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Hard Faith Updates: Talent, Location, and NAB 2018

Another busy week is in store for Hard Faith Films! As of right now we are working with a major agency to attach talent to the film. Along with that we are also making our first offers to lead actors to star in the film.

Next week we will be headed to Las Vegas to attend NAB. Many prominent and influential people will be speaking at the National Association of Broadcasters this year such as Melissa Rosenberg, Zach Braff, Neal Mohan and Janusz Kaminski. We will be taking advantage of our week in Vegas by also taking some time to scout out locations for "Beast In Me".

We also have a current time frame for when we will begin shooting of our next feature film, "Beast In

Me". Our proposed production schedule as of right now has us starting at the end of summer/beginning of fall - potentially as soon as September 2018. More details will be relased in the coming weeks!

We have signed a literary agent and Spencer T. Folmar's book "Hard Faith" is much closer to finding a home with a major publisher!

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