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Hard Faith Updates: "Beast In Me" seeks talent, and "Generational Sins" (2017) b

More big news this week as Hard Faith Films begins to gear up for the production of our upcoming film “Beast in Me”. This past week we announced the completion of the rewrite for the “Beast in Me” v9.3 script and during the past few days we have received an abundance of coverage. We are excited that the film is already picking up steam!

Filming locations are an important and sometimes overlooked aspect of creating a film. “Beast in Me” will officially take place in Las Vegas and we are currently in contact with producers and people on the ground there. As we develop the new shooting schedule, more details will be released. We have also met with some major talent agencies to begin the exciting process of making offers to known talent.

We are also in the midst of working on a new sizzle trailer for “Beast in Me” which will drop in the coming weeks. Be sure to follow us on Facebook at @HardFaithInc to see the teaser trailer when it debuts.

As our audience grows, we want to be able to release our films on an international level. We are currently working on bringing the world closer to seeing “Generational Sins” (2017) with international distribution. More details will be announced soon!

This a big week for Spencer t. Folmar’s book, “Hard Faith”, as it is going out to publishers this week. The book will cover the intentionality and theology behind of our new genre of films, and hopefully build up excitement for our upcoming slate of films!

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