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Hard Faith Updates: "Beast In Me" and new partnerships

There is big news this week for Director Spencer T. Folmar’s second upcoming feature film, “Beast In Me”. As of right now the screenplay is going through editing, and it will be sent out for coverage shortly. We will also be having a casting meeting, as we begin to look for talent that can portray the roles in the film.

With a new script, and pre-production beginning soon, a new production schedule is currently being developed for the new script. With that, will be announcing the production dates soon. We are very excited to get to work on this film!

We are also happy to announce that we have new partnerships in the works for the future Hard Faith™ films with co-production companies. Along with that news comes the exciting announcement of additional partnership in the works with a distribution company for a first look deal for Hard Faith™ content.

Hard Faith™ also has a new script in the works. The film location will be in central Pennsylvania. This is very exciting for the company, as this is where our first feature film, “Generational Sins” (2017) took place, and this is also the home region for director Spencer T. Folmar!