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Hard Faith Updates: "Beast in Me" Script, and Film Festivals

It has been almost a week since Hard Faith Films announced its big move to Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, and we are very close to being fully moved in. We are very excited to take a big step in the process of bringing audiences compelling human stories!

Spencer T. Folmar's fourth, and upcoming film "Beast In Me" has been under the process of a rewrite. The new draft will be done by the end of the month, and more details will follow including a new plot line and synopsis.

Along with the upcoming completion of the new script, Hard Faith Films will soon be entering the pre-production stage in the filmmaking process. With that comes the very exciting procedure of finding talent to star in the film. Hard Faith Films is excited to start looking for talent to work on “Beast in Me”.

Hard Faith Films is also thrilled to announce our newest project. We are currently looking to create and host a film festival for independent films that share in the value and commitment to portraying characters, both Christian and non-Christian alike, in all of their flawed humanity and brokenness. We will release more details as they come in the forthcoming months!

We are only two months in to 2018, and we can already tell that this year has a lot in store for Hard Faith Films, and we are excited to see what lies ahead!