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Hard Faith Updates: New Studio Office & Production Updates

Hard Faith Films is proud to officially announce that our new office will be at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California. Raleigh Studios has been up and running since 1915 and is the longest continually running movie studio in the world. A lot of Hollywood icons, such as Charlie Chaplin who went on to form United Artists with Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, have started their career at Raleigh Studios. Raleigh Studios is a great fit for our company as they like to support tenacious creators, and since Paramount Studios is still right across the street!

Hard Faith Films next production, “Beast In Me” is currently under the process of a rewrite. Once complete we will announce the new logline and synopsis for the film!

Be sure to follow our social media accounts for our upcoming film “Bonhoeffer”! You can find us at @BonhoefferMovie on Instagram, and “Bonhoeffer – The Movie” on Facebook! There you will find updates, factoids, and pictures leading up to pre-production, and production of the film.

Spencer T Folmar has taken a huge step towards the release of his upcoming book that is now in its 4th revision. As of right now a literary agent is going to publishers for his upcoming work “Hard Faith”. This is an exciting time for the Hard Faith Films brand!

This has been a big week for Hard Faith Films, and we are excited to keep working and moving forward in our vision! More updates will be coming in the near future!

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