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"Hard Faith" Updates: A New Year, A New Name

We are proud to announce that "Third Brother Films" will now be going by our new name, "Hard Faith™"

Despite the change in name, it is still our goal to continue producing films that bring compelling stories about the human condition to a film going audience in a way that artistically reflects the mind and spirit of Jesus Christ, and speaks truth to this present generation in a fresh and powerful way.

Along with the announcement of our new name, we are also excited to announce new films on slate. Stay tuned for all the films that are currently in the story treatment or pre-production phase of development. We are excited to work on and release these films in the future. With more details to come, Hard Faith Films is also thrilled that the development of a book is currently underway!

On February 8th, Spencer Folmar was able to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. At the breakfast, President Donald Trump, along with other religious leaders from around the country were able to speak out and pray for the future of our nation.

Finally, a new office location in Los Angeles is going to be announced within the coming months! These are exciting times at Hard Faith Films and we are looking forward to releasing more information soon!