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TBF Update: Office Catch Up and an Ode to the Future

Hello everyone!

Well, we have been back in the office for a week now and are still coming back down to earth after the adventure of “Generational Sins” (2017). And back home, the adventures continue!

We have spent the past week getting the Third Brother Films office back in order and catching up with innumerable little details that keep the proverbial ship afloat. Even buried in paperwork, correspondence, and planning, we are thankful to be home!

One of the gigantic tasks we are in the process of undertaking is that of planning out the best next steps for Third Brother Films. There are a thousand little decisions that which add up to quite an important mass of future possibilities. Even the tiniest decision requires deep and thoughtful consideration, and will lead us into what we hope will be a bright and brilliant future for Hard-Faith™ film and media!

In addition to the internal forward momentum, we also have several items already slated to help in gaining industry traction as we move onward. Third Brother Films, Hard-Faith™ content, and at last, our next feature film will be front and center topic of conversation with a number of producers and potential investors. Every meeting with each valuable colleague and contact marks yet another step in this exhilarating and challenging adventure!

As always, thank you for hanging with and for us as we embark on “roads less traveled” in spades! The journeys simply wouldn’t be possible without the love, support, encouragement and inspiration from our amazing family, friends, and fans. We hope you will keep those proverbial bags packed as we face down the mountains, valleys, and raging seas ahead!

If you haven’t already, a friendly reminder to check out “Generational Sins” on one of these VOD platforms: