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TBF Update: World Premiere Countdown + Soundtrack + New Merch + Tour Schedule Locking In

And with that, the first week of September fades into the rear view, as we speed into a momentous fall season!

The “Generational Sins” (2017) World Premiere at The Historic Rowland Theatre in Philipsburg, PA, is one of those fast-approaching landmarks: only 27 days away!! Definitely be sure to pre-order your tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime event! The filmmakers, cast and crew members (TBA) will be in attendance for meet ‘n greets, Q+As, dialogues about the film, the filmmaking process, et cetera... Featured band, Fred Myers and the Redneck Majority are set to perform, and exciting things yet to be announced, are certain to make this a night to remember. We can’t wait to see you there!

While you count down the days to the World Premiere with us, don’t forget to secure your very own pre-order of the official “Generational Sins” soundtrack. Featuring original film score by the amazing Mike Newport as well as original songs by Fred Myers and the Redneck Majority, you won’t wanna miss out on some truly fantastic original music. Please see pre-order details here.

In other news, we are also in the process of adding exciting new merchandise to our online store. We’ll be sure to share more of that information as it comes in. Meanwhile, feel free to visit our “Generational Sins” Online Store and check out some great “Generational Sins” merch!

And finally, we have remained hard at work organizing and finalizing our film release tour schedule. As you know, we’ve been working with our distribution company in delivering this meaningful film to screens across the nation. We are in the process of booking screens in several major markets and have also been pursuing local independent arthouse cinemas, the country across. As you know, in addition to these public theaters, we’ve also amassed a full schedule of university campus screenings. One week from today, Director, Spencer T. Folmar and Executive Producer, Thurman Mason will depart for a 3-week-long college screening/speaking engagement tour preceding the World Premiere in Pennsylvania. These university engagements mark a much-anticipated opportunity to build relationships and facilitate dialogue with both universities and their students addressing the complex nature of filmmaking, trail blazing in Hollywood, the pursuit of Truth, and many more topics. We look forward to these opportunities with immense gratitude.

As always, and with utmost sincerity, we thank you for your support and encouragement over this insane and challenging process. Please stay tuned for more exciting news next week!

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