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TBF Weekly Film Update: Additional Screenings, International Distributor + College Campus Film Tour

The week has flown by at Third Brother Films Hollywood headquarters, and we have tons to report!

As the world premiere for “Generational Sins” (2017) quickly approaches, we continue working closely with our distribution representatives at Freestyle Digital Media. This week’s largest distribution project has been that of, in addition to our major market release theatres, booking independently owned theatres across the country! As independent filmmakers, we remain interested in supporting the local arthouse cinema, and it’s been such a pleasure to connect with so many of these grassroots pillars of quintessential small-towns across the nation. We look forward to announcing our official theatre engagements soon and to developing these unique relationships further!

While we’ve been hard at work on the home front, we are also proud to announce that we’ve chosen a promising distributor for the international market. After careful consideration and much deliberation, we’ve invited Multicom to join our team as our distribution representatives in all international markets. We are confident that the story of “Generational Sins” will resonate deeply with many audiences everywhere, and we couldn’t be more excited to see how it may touch the lives of our brothers and sisters abroad.

To close out our major news items for the week, we are in the process of planning a “Generational Sins” college campus tour! While the details are still in development, this slate of tours is expected to begin next month! Stay tuned for developments, further announcements, and to see if we may be headed to a campus screen near you!

And finally, did we mention that we’re 55 days from the World Premiere of “Generational Sins”?? Don’t forget to pre-order your tickets here!!

Thank you as always, for tuning in and we look forward to sharing more exciting news with you next week!