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TBF WEEKLY FILM UPDATE: New Press and Poll Results

In standard fashion, Team TBF has been hard at work and we have much to report!

First of all, it’s an immense pleasure to announce that we are officially a mere two months away from the “Generational Sins” (2017) theatrical premiere, at the Rowland Theatre in Pennsylvania! Don’t forget to pre-order your tickets here!

In light of the fast-approaching “Generational Sins” release, we kicked off our eventful week by sponsoring a poll aimed at discovering exactly what words particular demographics find most shocking and/or offensive in the modern movie-going experience. Because of the mixed responses we’ve already seen to the controversial language contained in, “Generational Sins”, this study proved to be incredibly interesting for us, and the results were an honest surprise to our team as well as to the general public! Check out The Hollywood Reporter article here.

On the heels of the study’s release, we experienced a virtual tidal wave of responses - if you want some amusing readings check out the latest response from MovieGuide of a film they haven’t yet seen or requested to see - here.

To fill out the remainder of our week, we continued with seemingly countless marketing meetings throughout, and continued working through many of the technical aspects of the upcoming release and current projects in development. We’re so excited about our progress and remain ever thankful for the support of our family, friends, and fans. We would not be here without you!

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