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TBF WEEKLY UPDATE: NYC, Study Guide + Premiere Release Theater

The Third Brother team has continued its hard work this week and have great progress to report!!

Our director/producer Spencer T. Folmar has hit the road - this time to The Big Apple! Over the course of his week in NYC, Spencer spent his time reaching out to and making connections with several East Coast producers, as well as working to discover several other valuable resources in the city. His time in the beautiful city has been wonderfully productive and we’re looking forward to great TBF team growth and development in the near future!

In addition to Spencer’s productive travel itinerary, the team is excited to announce that a “Generational Sins” (2017) study guide is in development and is today officially announced to be available by our October 6th Release date if not sooner. The guide is being designed as a tool to equip viewers with the insight to delve deeper into and gain a greater understanding of the intentionality behind the characters, themes and message of the “Generational Sins” story as a whole, as well as some stories and anecdotes from set. Stay tuned for further details on when that will be made available. More details will be shared soon!

And finally, the “Generational Sins” premiere theater location will be officially announced in the coming days. As we near the final stages of planning that event, we will make the announcement and share it with you soon. Stay tuned!


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