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TBF Film Weekly Update: Distribution & Theatrical Trailer

It has been a busy week at Third Brother Films and with great news to report!

First of all, after many months of diligent search, “Generational Sins” (2017) is officially signed with FreeStyle Digital Media for all North American (domestic and Canadian) rights! An official premiere date is set for Friday, October 6th, 2017, and the film will receive a 10 major market theatrical release with several national premiere events! Specific theaters in which the film is to appear and the particulars of these premiere events are yet to be determined, but we’ll be sure to announce these and all other details, as theaters are locked and decisions are made, so stay tuned! We cannot wait to share our film with you soon.

In addition to that major development, this week has also seen both the completion of a brand new theatrical trailer and theatrical poster for “Generational Sins”. The new trailer is uploaded to our “Generational Sins” facebook page, and is currently available to view through The Hollywood Reporter article of Wednesday, 12 July.

As a result of these exciting and larger-than-expected “Generational Sins” developments, we’ve made the decision to adjust our production dates for our upcoming feature “Beast in Me” (2018). We are also looking at putting together a slate of films that you can learn more about on ThirdBrother.com

We are incredibly grateful for your support through this process. We truly cannot wait to share our film with you very soon.

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