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TBF Weekly Film Update: Deliverables & Marketing Materials

We have a lot of exciting developments to discuss and announce this week!

“Generational Sins” (2017) has had a very big and exciting week! We are finalizing a DCP print of the feature film for a theatrical release. We have also been back to our post production sound house in order to to develop mixing and sound design for our theatrical trailer and television spot. This has taken hours of work and attention to detail, which will be well worth the time in the final versions. We have also finalized a wrap book on all contracts and legal work, which took three months to create. We have created most of our deliverables for distribution, and are ready for the next step in this exciting journey.

For our next film we have sent out scripts and brochures for “Beast in Me” (2018) to more Hollywood producers in order to learn and gain fresh insight into budgeting and scheduling. We are receiving great feedback and developing more specific goals. We value the advice and knowledge of others in the industry, and are developing relationships with important individuals.

Third Brother Films, LLC is thankful for your support and your continued interest in our company. We love and appreciate our audience, and look forward to sharing the next step in our process with you.