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Weekly Update: Speeches and Deal Negotiations

Another exciting week for Third Brother Films is in the books, both on the road and at home in Hollywood. At the speaking engagement for the Rowland Theater’s Centennial Celebration, we debuted our newest theatrical trailer for “Generational Sins” (2017). It was very well received, and we look forward to releasing it to the general public soon.

Spencer T. Folmar, Third Brother’s director & producer, has been speaking around Central Pennsylvania to various groups and schools this past week, and his talks culminate today in his speech to his own alma mater, West Branch Area High School for their graduation ceremony. If you want to catch up and learn more about these speeches visit Folmar’s personal website: www.SpencerFolmar.com

This week Thurman and Spencer had some very promising meetings with new partners in the movement of telling gritty redemptive films, and we had a few radio and podcast interviews that will be released in the coming weeks. Next week, we will be meeting with distributors in Beverly Hills and Hollywood to review the fine print of our various offers. There are a lot of details and aspects to consider, and we are taking our time to ensure that we are making the best decision.

We have been hard at work editing and revising the script for “Beast in Me” (2018). The final draft is close at hand and we are making some excellent improvements on the story, as well as the production schedule and budget. It is an exciting journey bringing these characters to life and giving them full deep backstory with traits and life experiences. This story has the capability to reach many people of different walks of life, and we are trusting that it will do so in unexpected and eternal ways.

As always, we will keep our fans and supporters updated on our progress. Thank you for being part of our journey!

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