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Weekly Update: "Generational Sins" Branding, "Beast in Me" Development

Third Brother Films has had a productive week, and we are excited to share our progress with you. We have been hard at work creating a new theatrical trailer for “Generational Sins” (2017), as well as designing a new poster for the film. We are diligently working to present the best of our film in these formats, while staying true to the meaning and crux of the story. With the improvement of these resources, we hope to reach an even broader audience and attract new interest in the film. Also, foreign sales distribution has returned from Cannes and we are hearing back from new potential distributors weekly. We also had two more interviews about “Generational Sins” (2017) this week, and look forward to those coming out in the press in the near future.

Some of the team at Third Brother Films will be hitting the road this week, headed to Central Pennsylvania for several speaking engagements. The historic Rowland Theater will be celebrating their 100th birthday, and Third Brother Films is honored to be presenting the newest, unreleased theatrical trailer for “Generational Sins” (2017), at this event. The Rowland Theater has played an important role in the early development of Third Brother Films, and it is very special for us to be involved in this historic event for the community.

Director Spencer T. Folmar will be speaking at three different events in the upcoming week in the Central Pennsylvania area. First, he will be speaking at the Rowland’s Centennial celebration, as previously mentioned. Next, he will be speaking at his alma mater’s graduation ceremony, at West Branch Area High School, as well as speaking at a private event at Curwensville High School. He highly values engaging and encouraging young people, and deeply believes in helping to inspire the next generation. It is quite an honor to be asked to speak at his alma mater, and he is delighted to make the trip to the primary filming location of “Generational Sins” (2017), as well as Spencer’s earlier feature films.

We have also received our first working budget for “Beast in Me” (2018), and are working with a few industry veteran screenwriters to perfect the script for the film. We are also looking at tentative shooting schedules and locking down locations. This film continues to progress and grow, and we are very excited for the future of both this film, as well as Third Brother Films, LLC. We thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

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