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Weekly Update: More Progress within the Hollywood Industry

We've had another exciting week at the Third Brother Films office. With each new day that passes, we make a great deal of progress and establish more important connections in the industry. Third Brother Films is committed to keeping you informed as we grow and develop.

“Generational Sins” (2017) is garnering a great deal of attention. We're still accepting offers for distribution and are considering two additional attractive offers. We are also hard at work on a new theatrical trailer for “Generational Sins”. This new trailer will attract even more excitement and buzz about the film, as well as showcasing the most exciting aspects of the film.

Pre-production for “Beast in Me” (2018) is in full swing. We are finalizing an investor packet, and developing a detailed shoot schedule, as well as a specific budget. We anticipate more press attention in the coming weeks, and are excited and prepared to meet the world.

Third Brother Films is diligently planning for the future. We have been teaming up with some established film producers and industry veterans in order to best understand the next steps we should take as we aim to become a powerful force in the entertainment industry. Stay tuned!

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