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Weekly Update for Third Brother

“Beast in Me” (2018) has officially been registered as an LLC, and is now in the first round of acquiring investments. After the press flurry that Third Brother Films has experienced, there has been more interest than ever in our next film. We are in talks with investors, and meeting with new potential supporters, as well as old friends of Third Brother Films. We are breaking down the fifth draft of the screenplay for “Beast in Me” (2018) and also creating the budget and schedule for the film. These are important first steps in bringing this film to life over the next year. We have created a fresh new poster treatment, as well as revamped the website design for “Beast in Me” (2018). We also met with the MPAA to begin the process of having “Generational Sins” (2017) officially rated, and will keep you updated on the process of both films. Stay tuned!

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