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2017 New Year With Big Plans!

2017 is going to be a big year for Third Brother Films. We are in the finishing post stage on our first major theatrical feature film "Generational Sins". We are working with veteran Hollywood post-production houses all across Los Angeles. We are working hard to achieve the very best that this dramatic film deserves. We are excited to start shopping the film around in February. We are looking forward to seeing what offers are made for the release of our film with different distribution companies.

We are working diligently on putting together a slate of five original and narrative feature films to intentionally plan out the next 5 years of Third Brother Films. There will be more news about the development of this process but have had great feedback and already have a handful of investors connected to these films in order to bring these incredible stories to life.

We do not know what 2017 will hold, but we are hopeful and excited to begin this new year with all of you!

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